Recent Works

These are a few of our recent works...

Vase of Poppies

Artist study on Vincent Van Gogh's 'vase of poppies'.


Recreation of a photograph using Cold and warm colours. Medium - watercolours..


A study on contours.


Recreation of the original photograph. Black and white. Medium - watercolour paints.


Sunset using warm colours. Medium - watercolour paints.

T-Shirt Art - Redesigning an old T-shirt

As you can see i decided to redesign an old t-shirt.


Contours in mountain ranges using cold colours.

Spread of knowledge

Medium - watercolour.

Mountain scenery painting.

This time I decided to do a misty mountain scenery.

On Sale

Paintings on sale!

Horror of War

Canvas painting which I did to show, the horrors of war. It was inspired to me by the civil war which Sri Lanka underwent until 2009. I wanted to show the despair and the sadness war bring to people



The Deep